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Diane Vera

Everything the religious right wing is against, I am for!

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General feedback thread
I'll be linking to this post from my websites, as a place for people to post comments not pertaining to any specific post here.

(You may also post a message here asking me to email you privately. If you do so, however, please tell me what you want me to email you ABOUT. I will not reply to email requests that do not contain a reasonably complete account of their purpose. Of course, if you want me to email you, please provide your email address too. Note: comments containing email addresses will not be made public here.)

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Hell-o please allow me to introduce myself, my pen name is Mykael Libertine. As a Libertine I am free from the bondage to dogmatic thought.

I believe in a higher power, a throne of the angelically divine. Which I call Lucifer. Although the concept of ywhw as only a tribal diety who is a glory hound of attention straved is rather new to me, I do enjoy the idea. Regardless of you acceptance I will be persueing this concept in my poetry. This is not open for debate, rather a simple statement. If nothing eles I have gleamed this from your site.

I am an amaetur poet attempting to become a profession one, while maintaining my life as a machinist. My poetry is the sorce and product of my spirituality. The main body of the work is titled: The Fallen Angels, poems from Hell. Although some of the work may seem a bit immature as far as a world veiw of Satanism, I although attempt to clock deep revelation in the mask of the simplistic symbolism. Unlike most teenage angst poems, mine are narratives which deal with issues and the dichotomy of existance. The dues ex machina of this work, act a dark karma of black poetic justice.

Although I was heavily influenced by LeVay's Satanic Bible, I am not an atheistic Satanist. I do have reverance and imagery of spiritual divine. Rather I do adhere to the concept moderately of "indulgence rather than abstinence"; with its rather narrow veiw corrupted by Aliester Crowley's "Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law". To me Lucifer is the truth and the light.

The Christain coalation is the secret soceity that is prescribing the very tatic which they dissiminate upon the defunct illuminata. These very devious proctors have as their agenda 1) the re-establishment of theocracy 2) fulfillment of prophecy to make their belief true even after the scientific community has proven that the bible is a lie by proving that the world is round. 3)To due away with Saten, the opposer who is the truth of the world, and the knowledge contained therein.

Knowledge is one of the few redeeming qualities of man, and as a satanist I believe it is my duty to preserve that knowledge. It is further my mission to mentor the worthy in the black arts. Lucifer represents and advocates the liberal concept of equality and the divinity of humanism.

Just a short message from a fellow theistic satanist in the uk................absolutely love your ts website and are you the most interesting person on the earth.....YOU MAY WELL BE JUST THAT.


(Screened comment)
Sorry, I don't have an organization in Malaysia, nor do I have any idea about how to go about organizing something in Malaysia.

Thanks for the reply, maybe you can give me guidelines as to how to set up and I'll take it from here. If you can provide me a link to your church or maybe an affiliation.

Looking for to hearing from you.



I would like to do your preliminary self initiation rite, but i cant acquire a black candle, would it be ok to use a white one but paint it black?


You can order black candles from the online stores listed here.

I do not recommend painting a candle. Not only will the peeling paint probably look ugly as the candle burns, but I suspect that heated paint would be likely to give off unhealthy fumes.

Fallen, but arising for Satan and his realm.

Interested in this site, I consider myself a Fallen Angel, as per my upbringing by my Parents, who did worship Satan.They told me I was a Fallen Angel and to worship him,and devote my life to his success in this World, and for his total acceptance of my service to him.
I hope to comment more and,enjoy what you have to offer here.

Thanks and a Question.

Dear Ms. Vera, I want to first off thank you for giving a site that can help many Theistic Satanists. I am rather new to it and being 17 I want to thank you in the most sincere place of my heart. The only site that I had trusted to used was Joy of Satan, and it is a good site but it is hard to see past all the bigotry and Neo-Nazism. It is very lonesome for me because I go to a Catholic school (by my choice) for the best education I can get. There are many questions that I would like to ask you about your thoughts on theological anthropology of satanism and other things, but I don't want to be a bother. I was just wondering if there was any place or way for me to show my pride of being a Satanist without putting my self in danger. I normally would not ask about something so trifle but i have no one who I feel safe talking to that would really care, all my friends either hate religion or are Christians. Once again I would just like to express my thanks for putting a website up that has great information and for being, what seems to me, a voice of reason among a sea of ignorance. Thank you so much, Edward

You wrote me the comment above. The question you ask is one that I cannot answer without knowing a lot more about your situation.

If you want to be in private contact with me, please send me your email address via private message. I'll then advise you on other ways to contact me.

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