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Diane Vera

Everything the religious right wing is against, I am for!

Bill Donohue boasts: exorcism now mainstream
Bill Donohue, president of the mis-named Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (which, too often, seems to be more interested in imposing conservative Catholic values on the rest of society than in protecting the rights of Catholics as people) likes the movie The Rite, and likes most of the mass media response to it. Donohue says that the mass media have been mostly very respectful toward the Catholic Church's claimed power to cast out demons -- much more respectful than the mass media typically are toward the Catholic Church in general, he says.

Text of the Catholic League's Press releaseCollapse )

Actually, there has been some mainstream mass media criticism of the recent Catholic exorcism trend -- although, admittedly, not very much so far.

David Edelstein in New York Magazine, and some other criticsCollapse )

The exorcist-as-hero meme might eventually wear thin if there are enough sex scandals involving Catholic exorcists. There has already been at least one such sex scandal, though it hasn't yet been very widely publicized yet.

Links to pages about Father Thomas Euteneuer, disgraced former exorcist and anti-abortion activistCollapse )

Is "demon possession" real? I certainly don't claim to know the whole story, but, in my opinion, it's important to listen to what the skeptics have to say, even though they've gotten hardly any mass media coverage lately:

List of skeptical articles on exorcism onlineCollapse )