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Diane Vera

Everything the religious right wing is against, I am for!

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Ancient Roman allegation about Christian ritual murder of infants
In the Mystic Wicks forum I saw a post about The New SRA Revival... by Bryon Morrigan, who also has a website and a blog. On his blog, a post titled Intolerant of the Intolerant contained a very interesting ancient Roman quote about Roman pagan rumor-mongering against Christians, reminiscent of today's "Satanic Ritual Abuse" scare. Among other things, Christians were alleged to have eaten babies.

Here is something an ancient Roman pagan was quoted as saying about Christians:
Now the story about the initiation of young novices is as much to be detested as it is well known. An infant covered over with meal, that it may deceive the unwary, is placed before him who is to be stained with their rites: this infant is slain by the young pupil, who has been urged on as if to harmless blows on the surface of the meal, with dark and secret wounds.

Thirstily--O horror!--they lick up its blood; eagerly they divide its limbs. By this victim they are pledged together; with this consciousness of wickedness they are covenanted to mutual silence.

This quote is from The Octavius of Minucius Felix, an ancient Christian apologetic work in which Octavius, a Christian, debates with a Roman pagan named Caecilius, who makes various nasty allegations against Christians including the above.

In the Middle Ages, all too many Christians made similar allegations against Jews. And, these days, all too many Christians, and some other folks too, have made similar allegations against Satanists, Pagans, etc.

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Beginning to do Satanic rituals

I come from the religious right and have been fascinated by Satan for the last 3 years or so. 2 nights ago this turned into me renouncing my christian faith and submitting my life to Satan. I really appreciate your web site, as that has guided me with how to perform the blasphemy ritual and initiation ritual. I would love for you to respond, but I don't have any specific questions for you, unfortunately. Just know that I respect you a lot.

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