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Same-sex marriage rallies, for and against

On Sunday, May 17, there were rallies in Manhattan on both sides of the same-sex marriage issue.

Here are news stories about the rallies:

What's noteworthy here is the leading role of Hispanic Pentecostals. In years past, here in New York City, our local religious right wing consisted primarily of the Catholic hierarchy plus ultra-Orthodox Jews. Pentecostals and other Protestant evangelicals did not play a major political role around here, as far as I could tell. That seems to be changing.

An even more ominous new (as far as I am aware) development is the direct involvement of a Democratic politician, State Senator Rubén Díaz Sr. in organizing an anti-gay rally. Politicians, even Republican ones, don't usually take a direct leadership role in activist organizing for or against specific political causes. Usually they'll only lend their name to a cause that's already well-organized and popular among their constituents. Evidently there must be lots of well-organized homophobia in Rubén Díaz's neck of the woods.

P.S., May 19, 2009: Religious right wing in Nassau County

In the following new story:

State Senator Kemp Hannon, a Nassau County Republican, is quoted as saying, "The surprising thing is the amount of concern in my district -- it's been considerable." Evidently there has been quite a bit of religious right wing activity in Nassau County. The Newsday story adds, "He said he's not hearing arguments against gays as much as he's hearing support for the 'traditional definition of marriage.'" Yeah, the standard religious right wing line these days.

It would be interesting to find out what political activist organizations and what religious bodies are behind this in Nassau County.
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